Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Tiny Bit of Growth

Linda Barry stitched this tiny masterpiece on 40 ct. linen over 2.  Once again, Vikki Clayton's Hand Dyed Fibers steal the show.  What a lovely combo - it's Marque des Cercles and Garnet.  This chart is called Growth Rings and is currently only available in the March/April 2009 JCS Magazine issue.

After completing the delicate stitching, Linda cleverly repurposed a framed mirror from Target to create this bold finish.  It's always so nice to get such a high-end framing job look without paying through the nose!  Any stitcher I know has a few better places to spend their money. 
Trivia time: Did you know where the name  "Marque des Cercles" came from? Vikki's silks all get such interesting names!  This one is a tribute to Marc Davis and his use of DMC 111 in stitching the chart Cirque des Cercles.


  1. Exquisite! What is the finished stitched size?

  2. Beautiful stitching Linda! I love the frame too.

  3. Stitch count is 229 square, so it would be about 11.5".

  4. Beautiful job. I am still dying to get this one done. But alas, I have to get BOINK done first. She choose beautiful colors.