Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'd like to be...

Under the sea, in an Octopus's Garden in the shade.  Honestly, who doesn't love that Beatles' song? This is one of the earliest Ink Circles designs, and I'm hoping some of you love it too.  I can't say the song was the inspiration, but it sure came to mind when I needed a name for the chart.

Kate took a brief visit to their garden and sends us this snapshot. She did a lovely job and now probably will have that earworm stuck in her head for the rest of the week. To cap off with a bad pun, I congratulate Kate on her fine job - she did swimmingly.  (Does anybody besides me use that word?)


  1. they are adorable...and now I'll be singing that song too!

  2. Alrighty then! Well, it is a cute design, but I much prefer "Revolution" or "Hey Jude", lol!

  3. That looks wonderful! Gee, if I ever get Noah's Sub done, this would be cute with it...