Friday, June 4, 2010

St. Charles Ho!

(As, in "Westward, Ho" not in reference to street walking ladies from Missouri, and actually, it is a trip eastward for me.)

I've taken the plunge and am planning to have an Ink Circles booth at the TNNA St. Charles, MO show in September.  This is one of the big trade shows for the industry.  Lots of logistics to work out, but I am quite excited after having walked the Nashville show in February.

One thing that dawned on me, was that I didn't have my own stitched model of Cirque des Cercles.  I know I don't have to/can't bring models for everything I've ever done, but that is the first thing many people think of when they hear "Ink Circles." I had made arrangements to use Marc Davis's for the leaflet cover and there was no looking back. I've been working on this version now. It's on R&R antique cotton 40 count linen using a limited edition blue/black Carrie's Silk. I would normally never stitch a model with an LE, but this is a monochrome and has been on the market long enough that everybody has probably seen some version of it.  The color is way off - the linen is really quite golden.  Hoping someday to have my own done...


  1. CdC looks good in any color it's stitched in. I like your blue/black combo. Good luck with your planning for TNNA!

  2. Gorgeous! I think I may have to pick this one up sometime and stitch it up after I finish Cirque des Carreaux!

  3. Just my two cents.

    But couldn't you ask some of the people who've finished CDC for permission to use the photos they sent you on a fairly large poster? Sort of a collage of CDCs? It'd be easier to transport etc, and if something happens to it, you'd always have a digital version you can print again.

  4. What is the TNNA? Is it held in St. Charles every year? Is the public allowed to attend? That is about 4 hours away from me. I may be able to come to that one.

  5. It's looking beautiful, love that floss colour

  6. Thanks all - I'm enjoying stitching it. I realize I probably could borrow someone's model or make a photo prop, but the whole idea behind my designing was to make things I wanted to stitch.

    TNNA is The National Needle-arts Association. These shows are wholesale only. All of the designers, dyers, suppliers, etc set up booths and then shop owners attend and buy things to take back with them.