Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life's a Circus

Or, shall we say, a Cirque!

Here is Cirque des Cercles, as performed by the lovely Beatrice using only Navy Blue Jobelin evenweave, 4072 variegated DMC and her own bare hands!  Well, technically she probably used a hoop, a lamp, and a needle, but it sounds much more dramatic the first way.

And now, may I direct your gaze to the ring near the elephant cage. You may remember back in March when the daring Stefanie showed us her Cirque des Cercles and gave us a glimpse of diamonds to come?  Let us say the months of hard work and training have paid off.  Here, never before seen in its entirety, on this blog: Stefanie's Cirque des Carreaux!

Ladies and Gentlemen, won't you give these two ladies a hand, . Woot Woot! Now, watch as Gregor, the Human Cannonball prepares for this next death-defying feat.


  1. Simply to die for. Here I am still trying to pick colors & you ladies give me more ideas, lol.

    Beautiful work, ladies.

  2. Awesome job! Gives me a desire to pick Carreaux back up, but I have to wait until after the holidays as other projects are taking precedence.

  3. Thank You, Tracy for the lovely words and your stunning charts to work from!!!!

  4. Stefanie...Beautiful Carreaux!!!!I'm doing it right now on Black!

  5. Fantastic pieces, ladies! :)

  6. Wow, loving both! I dare someone to find a combination that would make these designs look bad. It would be hard.