Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Third Pair of Cirques Is a Charm

Maybe they are like potato chips, and you really can't just stitch one. Or maybe it's just all of the subliminal text printed on the pattern sheets, or perhaps the deeply-addicting, readily-absorbed coating on the paper. It's just an odd coincidence that this is the third post in a row with two Cirques, and it shows once again how truly unique each one is.

In any case, Jill K. in Illinois has shared with me photos of her recent Cirque des Carreaux and Cirque des Cercles finishes.  She shops with Cathy and the other good people at the Inspired Needle in Lemont, IL. On my first draft of this post, I had just included the photos with the two framed, but I realized how that limits you in seeing what cool colors she used, so I added the detail shots. Jill did such a nice job and gets bonus points for actually getting them framed up so wonderfully.

Big thanks to Jill for sharing her photos and we join her in a double happy dance!

If you're looking for even more Cirque-ular eye candy, check out this recent post on Jill Rensel's blog.  So, are you still here surfing around on the internet? Don't you have something you should be stitching?


  1. Beautifully done.
    Congratulations on the stunning finishes Jill!

  2. Beautiful simply beautiful. Hmm...I am stitching Frederick the Literate Cat & Ink Circles Fleur d'Orleans. So yes Tracy I have stitching to do, but I still want to drool, lol.

  3. Beautiful! They are both stunning.

    I am addicted to the cirques. Especially those two. I want to stitch them both again!