Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Five Copies for My Mother

So who else loves the old Dr. Hook songs?

To circle things back to relevancy... if you spotted the current issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine (July/August 2011) it looks something like this:

Bottom - left. Ink Circles. Get your copy now.  'Nuff said.

Well, it's not the Rolling Stone, but it still makes my mamma happy.


  1. Oh gorgeous! The magazine is now a "must buy"! That is gorgeous!!!

    Any chance of heads-up on the threads and fabric you used?

  2. Technically, it still looks like that even if you did NOT spot the cover. Not sure why I phrased it like that. :o)

  3. Title: Two Year Supply of Calling Birds
    Fabric: 40 count Vintage Luna linen by Lakeside Linens and design
    Thread: Weeks Dye Work. The green is “Bark”, red is “Brick”, and the gold is “Bright Leaf.”
    Stitching was done 1 strand floss over 2 threads of linen.
    Design size is 57 stitches square.
    There were no beads, specialty stitches, etc.

  4. I knew *exactly* what "5 copies for my mother" was about. :-) Congratulations! It's a lovely ornament!

  5. I always love the ornaments you contribute to them every year. Have to go buy this one until they get payment for my subscription renewal.

  6. Thanks for the heads up, I have this mag sent to me in UK, can't wait for my copy.

  7. Thanks for the memories Tracy (did men really have all that hair back then ??? they just don't seem to make them that way any more!).
    I have a while to wait before my JCS mag arrives (by boat) but I have just started stitching another of your new designs featured on this month's cover of a different magazine - Woodland Vines (it is just di-vine). Thank heavens for online magazines :)

  8. Not quite the same magazine cover as in the song! :)

    You didn't need to tell us which one is yours, I spotted it immediately. Will watch my local newsstands for this. Luckily several of them carry JCS.

    On another note, Summer Mandala is coming along. I've done the black all the way around the outside, now to start filling in the middle.


  9. Beauty! Time to go hunting for a copy. :D

  10. Knew immediately which was yours! Cant wait to get my hands on it! Although, not sure where to get it anymore...all the bookstores in town closed. Guess I'll have to order it online or see if the closest stitching store is getting it in.

    On a side note...I havent stiched an IC design in almost a year! Can you believe that?? Getting antsy, so I bought some threads today and starting a new one tonight.

  11. You are so correct. Your mamma is proud! I am so happy I have a subscription as this is always the best place to find new Christmas ornies!