Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Has anybody found a use for these yet?

I love them. I make them. You love them. You make them. But when somebody asks what its purpose is, we all start to falter.  Yeah, they look great in a little basket...  I suppose it could be a pincushion... They're perfect gifts (for friends who then get to figure out what to do with them.)

Ah, the biscornu. As I said, we love them, make them, share them.

You're on my newsletter list, right? This is the Celtic Swirls chart that you get when you sign up. Steff used 18 count cream aida and picked shades of brown (anchor thread numbers 308, 310, 360 and 891) for her exchange partner who loves browns. These really do make sweet little gifts and I'm sure her partner was pleased. Nice job, Steff!

So functionality be damned - stitch a biscornu today!


  1. Amen!

    Fortunately, almost everyone for whom I've ever stitched a biscornu thought it was clever, lovely, liked it, and the "usefulness" was purely secondary. :)

    I tell non-stitchers to use it as a ring holder. That seems to work all right.

  2. Why didn't I get this chart when I signed up for your newsletter??

    It sure would look good in blues!! (hint hint)

    just me,
    Cathy from KY in CA

  3. I have a whole pile of them - they do look pretty just as they are. :o) Not everything needs to be functional, lest we slip back to barbarianism.

    Cathy - send me an email that I can reply to (blogger won't let me directly) and I'll rectify that oversight. -T

  4. A simple ribbon or fancy thread allows them to hang nicely from our Christmas tree here.
    Be always in stitches

  5. I love them, I have about 30 of my own,and some I have received thru exchanges.

  6. Hmm...now I'm thinking I want to make one and fill it with catnip for a cat toy. I'd only worry about my cats chewing the button off.

    Yes, I know it's sacrilege. But I've cross-stitched toys for my cats before, and while I admit I do enjoy people's positive reactions to my stitching, there's a certain satisfaction to be derived from finishing up a little something, tossing it onto the floor and watching the cats go nuts over it - that's a positive reaction, too!

  7. Sorry - I made mine into a needlebook :) http://rifestitch.multiply.com/photos/album/100/2010_Finishes#photo=21

    Biscornu - isn't that French for Cat Toy? Or at my house, Cat and/or Dog Toy... :(

  8. Ummm...my father & I use them to throw at each other. We tend to be ornery & play little jokes on each other. Well, they are soft & don't hurt, plus if the dogs get a hold of them they won't hurt them, so we use them as balls along with decoration.