Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Tiniest Reindeer

Check out the newest product from Gloriana Threads. It's called Tudor Silk and was created for mildly insane people. In a nutshell, it's 12-ply silk (like her regular floss) but it is twice as thin. What that means, is you can stitch over one on higher count fabric and get a very crisp design. This is my Holiday Magick chart done with 1 ply of Bellagio Red over 1 on 32 count linen. It measures 1.5" by 1". If I had used regular silk, those little single stitch open windows would be totally swallowed up by the puffiness of the stitches next door. You can, of course, do things like use 2 strands on 40 count over 2, but this over 1 is its forte.

Holiday Magick - stitched over 1 on 32 ct using Tudor Silk

So, about this little reindeer, while I'm here.  I was reading some really antique documents and came across some weird glyphs. The accompanying text said a person was  to embroider them with red silk on the garment warn closest to the heart and it would protect the wearer from evil spirits.  I did my own little mashup of the symbols, weaving the charm into this reindeer's antlers. It's all hocus pocus nonsense, or maybe it's the hokey pokey and it IS what it is all about.

So here is the original model for the chart. It was done using Gloriana's regular strength silk, 1 ply over 2 on 40 count finished as an ornament. I personally would rather stitch over 2 on fine count than over 1 on any count, but I wanted a teeny tiny version of this reindeer to make into a necklace.  I know there are a lot of stitchers out there who do a lot of work over 1 who are going to love this silk.

Holiday Magick - stitched 1 over 2  on 40 ct using regular Gloriana

If you're looking for either the silk or the Holiday Magick chart, contact your favorite LNS/ONS.


  1. Oh my...and I'm already on the road to blindness!

  2. Oh this is so cute.
    Liebe Grüße Grit