Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Waya To Go!

My kids always complain, "That's not fair!"  They are quite familiar with my standard reply, which was a gem frequently used by my old XO. He'd say, "You're right. A fair is a place you judge pigs."

BTW, a fair is also a place that they judge cross stitch.  And it just so happens that Waya kicked some serious butt at the Tennessee Valley Fair this year. She entered three Ink Circles pieces and took home three ribbons - two of them First Place.

She stitched them all with the charted colors 1-over-2 on 40-count linen. "Growth Rings" won first place for Counted Cross Stitch on Linen. "Tanglewood" won first prize in Counted Cross Stitch, Novelty or Fantasy.  "I Still Do" won third place in Counted Cross Stitch, Primarily Flowers. 

All I can say is your work is beautiful, Waya.  Way to go!

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  1. Wow, that is some fantastic work, and the awards richly deserved!!! Well done and congrats!

    Waya's fair clearly knows their cross stitch and knows how to set up categories; I'm afraid all of my fairs are trapped forever in the 70s, with aida kits that are under 8" square :(