Friday, January 6, 2012

Put it in a box - I'll take it

I was so delighted to see the Ashley in Louisiana chose an Olde Colonial box to finish up her Quiddity piece. She stitched it using Belle Soie Mango and Caron Waterlilies Indigo silks on 36 count Edinburgh linen in Antique Gold.  It's going to be a gift for her Mom, and I know she will just treasure it.

If you've not used one of these boxes before, you should definitely check them out.  They come in all sorts of standard sizes and can be special ordered to a custom size.  Also several different molding options.  The top piece is like an open frame. You mount your stitching on foam core or mat board and insert it from underneath. Use small tacks or a framing staple gun to secure it in the window. Then cover the inside of that top with some pretty paper (from your scrapbooking stash) to give the inside a complete finished look.  The bottom part of the box is already lined with a nice velvety something.

Again, lovely job, Ashley. Your Mom raised you well.

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