Friday, February 22, 2013

Nashville Prep

A visitor to my home can always tell when a trade show is about to happen (in this case, Nashville in 8 days) by the chaos in my dining room office area. There are piles of charts in all states of production. Boxes of covers from the print shop, stacks of printed charts and keys from the printer, reams of paper, and spent toner cartridges. Boxes of charts that will be shipped to the show await those final collated bagged charts and shipping labels.

I've reordered clear bags, flat mailers, post office boxes, and toner cartridges - and those boxes are sitting in arms reach, being used but waiting to put away properly too. Even my stapler ran out of staples. Everything needs replenishing in preparation for (hopefully) a big event.

You can see pictures of some of the other new models on my website. There will be six new releases in total. I've got a few that I'm keeping under wraps until the big show, sort of a fun surprise for the shops that get to attend.

It was not how I planned to return from the utter chaos, but you can see here that the table is somewhat cleared off. I had worked myself down to about one square foot on the corner of usable surface area, then BLAMMO! I accidentally launched the last inch of beer in my glass into the piles of stuff on the table. Argggghhhhh! It is amazing how just an ounce or two of liquid can touch so many things.

There is some minor damage, but I'm still reeling from how lucky I am that it didn't spill onto models or into a box of printed covers. Or my shoebox of Gentle Arts or Gloriana Threads. Or the stack of linen that was inches away. You get the drift.

Time to step back, put some things away, let the antique table dry fully, and eventually get a fresh beer.


  1. I know several of your new releases will make their way to my house :)

  2. That will teach you to drink and chart at the same time! Haha!

  3. Need some help? I'll do the beer.... (now you have to guess who this is)

    1. Are you trying to remain anonymous, Sue? Not going to work. But I can put you to work! Come up Sunday and we can put the new chocolate stout into bottles and fold a big stack of chart inserts. :-)

    2. Just saw this Tracy... Been a stitching day here. What time would be good? I'll sure try to be there unless the wind is still blowing like it was today. I'd rather stay on the bridge and not in the Columbia.

  4. I'm sorry you spilt the beer ;-) Have a great time in Nashville

  5. Ah yes... I have a habit of doing something similar with black coffee. Sigh. Have a great time in Nashville, though, eh?

  6. Sorry about the spill. Love the table. Too bad I don't get to go to
    Nashville with you. Maybe next year when all the moving is done.
    New stuff looks so interesting! Have FUN!!! Say hi to everyone for me.