Monday, March 11, 2013


I'm happy to be back home after a couple of weeks of peregrinating. That means wandering about. I had a great time at the Nashville show, getting to see all of my favorite peeps in the industry (at least those that could make the show) and disbursing the latest batch of new releases. Then, under the guise of delivering a trunk show to Acorns and Threads, a fabulous stitching shop in Portland, I made a trip over to the Portland area. Then because I was so close already, I headed down the coast to meet up with my Mum and a dear family friend, Kim, who was visiting. Much walking on the beach and wandering around the forest trails, then back home to Washington. I'm all wandered out.
Peregrination stitched by Rhonda B. 

Above is a special version of my Celtic cross stitch design named Peregrination made by Rhonda B using her own palette of DMC variations threads. If you trace around the path you can see why I named it such, and like my own travels, each path leads back to the point where you started. Rhonda was also working on Rosetta, but is stuck waiting for additional thread.  I'm hoping she'll send a picture of that piece when she gets it completed too.

I love her bright cheery color choices and applaud her having some fun with it.  Looks great; I'm so happy she shared!

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  1. It sounds like you had a great time in Portland.
    It was great to meet you in Nashville!