Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Little Hanky Panky

Anne said she liked the way these different motifs fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Spot samplers like this ARE fun to stitch because things keep changing before you can get bored.  This sampler is Hanky Pysanky, inspired by the Ukrainian art used to decorate eggs.  She stitched up the full sampler on black 25-ct linen using a variety of silks from Needlepoint Inc and the Fiber Addict.  The Fiber Addicts silk was actually marketed as a binder yarn for spinners (think of the strong core that holds mohair yarn together) but that didn't hold back Anne.
Sometimes it's the best fun just to play around with different fibers and color combinations - try new things to see what works and what you like.  Stitching "smalls" is a great tool for test driving combos.  These are some of the ornaments and tie-ons that Anne made using motifs and improvisation.  The smaller ones can actually be worn as pendants - how clever is that!
The sampler is off at the framers and the smalls found their ways to Anne's friends and family.  What a wonderful job with a delightful outcome.  Thanks for sharing, Anne!


  1. Those are beautiful. She did a wonderful job.

  2. Those smalls are very cute! Anne did an amazing job.

  3. I love the sampler. I've always like the look of patchwork - from quilts to ceramics - I've decorated everything with patchwork. Samplers remind me of the "patchwork" look, plus, as you said, they don't get boring to work.
    An encyclopedia of needlepoint stitches…

  4. Love this design and the ornaments are stunning. Wonderful job was done on both. I have this in my stash and hope to one day add it to my finishes. Gee maybe when I retire in a few years.