Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Santa's Nine Plus the Understudies

We all know that there was more than one Lassie.  It only stands to reason that Santa would have a few reindeer in the back pasture just in case Dancer was off auditioning for Dancing With the Stars.  Or perhaps Vixen were to be picked up by the local vice squad for holding down a street corner.  And Dasher maintains a fairly busy marathon calendar.  Do we need to go on? (Some Twitter buddies and I spent a whole afternoon speculating why there were only 8 reindeer in The Huddle.)  Besides, what IS the natural lifespan of a reindeer?  I guess there is nothing natural about them, so perhaps that thought is moot.

Kathy gives us good glimpse of Santa's stables.  Each ornament has 9 reindeer - she added one to the back of each, along with a grandchild's name.  We're not going to tell which reindeer is which, but each kid gets a complete set.  Thanks for sharing your picture of your beautiful finishes. They really are a treasure that will be enjoyed each year by those lucky, well-loved kiddos.


  1. Very cute!

    According to Wildlife & Fisheries males live about 7-8 years and females upto about 10. (And yes, I'm nerdy enough that I had to look it up!)

  2. I also read something that explained that the reindeer were most likely female. Apparently, reindeer is one of the only (if not the only, I don't remember for sure) species that females grow antlers too. And the males lose their antlers after mating season. So the only ones who would have full sets of antlers at Christmas time would be the famales. (Plus the fact that they don't get lost, but that's another story entirely!)

  3. Kathy, they look awsome and I love the idea of the deer on the back!

    And who thought reading the Ink Circles blog would be so educational??

  4. I love these - what a great gift for all the kids!

    I always wondered about that Vixen...

  5. 'Fess up, Tracy. I got told off on Twitter for making what were considered racy comments about the ninth reindeer debate. Made for a hysterical lunch with Claire and Steve that day as we debated which reindeer had gone where!