Friday, January 29, 2010

Three Sides to Every Triangular Story

This is Vicki's Cirque des Triangles.  Isn't it so amazing - the colors just sing on that black!  I've had fun watching this one grow in person. Every so often I have the chance to go over the moutains and see friends in Portland.  We always meet for a little stitching and Vicki shows me a few more completed triangles.  And now it is done.

She's done an outstanding job - I can't wait to see the framed version on my next trip to the wet side. It's so inspirational to see how every single version of these Cirques stitches up so differently depending on the fabric/fiber choices.

Most excellent work, Vicki!


  1. Beautiful, it looks like a stained glass window.

  2. So beautiful and such a lot of work, mine is only one colour so I am in awe! I love seeing all the different versions, hope to have mine completed soon.

  3. Tell Vicky I love it! Very striking. Amazing to see all the various versions of your work.

  4. Wow, really nice colors!! Great job!