Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Are you noticing a trend?

I guess Black is the new Black!  This makes a perfect Hat Trick of brights on black by Ink Circles stitchers this week.  Without further adieu, I present the Bramble and the Rose by Sharon.  Now, anyone can see it's black fabric, but you might not have guessed (or be able to tell at this resolution) that it is 1 over 1 on 28 count!  You might also have guessed the silk is HDF. Which it is, Hibiscus to be precise.

This came out simply stunning; thank you for letting me post your picture here, Sharon - it is an inspiration.  My hat is off to all who can stitch on black fabric. Three cheers for black!  Three cheers for not being afraid of colors!  Three cheers for actually FINISHING your WIP.
Hip Hip Hooray!

OOOHHHH you guys, I'm going to need a bigger Thesaurus so I don't sound like a broken record.


  1. *blush* thank you Tracy for the lovely comments...mind you, I think the fact that it is such a great design makes stitching so much fun :)

  2. Wow, cant believe its 1 over 1 on black!! I take my hat of to you girl. Well done!

  3. Beautiful. I love the color combo.