Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Quick Read

Well, actually you don't "read" a needlebook, but they are quick little projects to make up.  Every stitcher should have a needlebook or two tucked into all their different project bags.  It's a good idea to trade out needles frequently and this is a nice way to keep a few extras on hand.

Needlebooks also make great gifts and exchange projects. This is the treasure that Nicole made for Stacey for an exchange recently.  The Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Mandala was a free chart I offered a few years back.  Nicole's exchange was themed "BeCause it's Pink."  Depending on how you pick your thread colors, you can actually customise this ribbon mandala to support any cause.  Nicole used DMC Variations 3350 with DMC solids 961, 962, and 225 on 32 ct. mushroom Lugana.

Can you believe this is the first needlebook Nicole has ever made?  I think she did an amazing job.  And - she has created a beautiful and useful gift for her friend. Why not give one a try?


  1. Very pretty. That is such a cool pattern.

  2. Great job! I think needlebooks are really handy to have in my stitching bag!


  3. Wow - great job!! Needlebooks aren't too hard, once you do one or two. I need to do more :)

  4. I love this pattern and have it set aside to make for myself with the yellow ribbons (I have endometriosis). I can think of several other colors for friends as well.