Thursday, July 29, 2010

Taste the Rainbow

If you thought Kaleidoscope looked nice in 31 shades of DMC, imagine how spectacular it looks in Vikki Clayton's Hand-dyed silk. One of the big HDF advantages is that any pattern written for DMC can be converted directly to HDF. In addition to a whole array of lovely variegated floss colors, there is a direct match up for all of the DMC shades.

Juliette shares a photo of her chromatic masterpiece done with Vikki's silk on 36 count antique white linen with us here. Wow - that is beautiful.  Thanks for brightening my day, Juliette, and congrats on the spectacular finish.


  1. another lovely finish - the colours are beautiful!

  2. It looks lit from within - great work!

  3. Fantastic and slightly subtler than the DMC colours!