Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bonnie's Trifecta

Bonnie was gathering up her recent finishes to take to an open house at her LNS, when she realized that all three pieces were Ink Circles charts.   Blackstone Fantasy Garden, Kaleidoscope, and Growth Rings (which just happens to be available for purchase as a stand-alone chart now - it was previously only available in the magazine issue.)  What an awesome collection of finishes, Bonnie!

 So my final question: Was this Win/Place/Show ticket a coincidence or proof positive of the efficacy of the subliminal messages that are imprinted on every chart?


  1. Oh these look amazing! I think you have an Ink Circles addict on your hands!!

  2. Subliminal nothing, Bonnie just knows what she likes! Well done, Bonnie. They are lovely. Also, well done Tracy, your charts are gorgeous.

  3. Cole... you are right! I have all the cirques and have started bramble :)
    I could totally see myself doing growth rings again and blackstone was amazing to stitch

  4. Lovely finishes. I have Blackstone Fantasy Garden in my stash - must find some time to stitch it!

  5. Isn't Bonnie's work wonderful! She belongs to a group of stitchers who are quite the enablers. Kaleidoscope and Blackstone have been stitched by others in our group and Blackstone is on order after the weekend at our LNS.
    There are a couple of Ink Circles being worked on by the group as well.
    Your work is wonderful Tracy and we continue to be inspired and enjoy your work.