Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thinking Outside the Box

An overused expression, perhaps, but the target idea is always a welcome one - some fresh way of looking at things. In this case, Becky has been thinking outside of the box, specifically on top of said box's lid.

She's stitched up two of the seasonal mandalas that were featured in Just Cross Stitch last year. She stitched the Summer Mandala (top) on 22 count hardanger fabric and found it fit perfectly into this 4" display black box by Sudberry.  Autumn (below) was done on 32 count fabric and fitted into one of their larger oak boxes. Both were stitched up with DMC, which goes to show how nicely something can be made from our favorite ubiquitous cotton floss.  Becky says she's finished the Winter Mandala and the JCS Ink Circles Christmas ornament too. Looks like someone has put their JCS subscription to great use this year!

Thanks for sharing these great projects with us, Becky!


  1. Those are wonderful projects, and fabulous designs :) Which issue(s) of JCS were they in?

  2. Thanks!
    •Fall -JCS Sept/Oct 2010
    •Summer -JCS July/Aug 2010
    •Spring -JCS March/April 2010
    •Winter -JCS Jan/Feb 2010

  3. Awesome. And love those boxes.

  4. Oh I love the box tops! What a fantastic way to finish such great designs!

  5. Beautiful boxes! It's a great idea to decorate a box.

  6. Those are wonderful!!! They do look beautiful in DMC - which could get me that much closer to doing them, too!

  7. I would really really love to know the DMC thread colour no/s used in the Autumn Leaf project.

    They would be lovely in a Bargello project.

    Can anyone help me? I just want the thread no/s, not the pattern!