Monday, January 31, 2011

Travelling in the Right Cercles

As I work on filing my state taxes this morning (yes, I know they are due today and that procrastination is bad,) I realize what a small fraction of my business is actually conducted within Washington State. It's truly a wonder of modern technology that I can participate in global commerce.  It is also a wonder and a blessing how the language of the craft transcends the language barriers; graph paper filled up with little symbols means the same thing everywhere.  I realize that not all stitchers have access to the same materials I used, but it is also true that not all stitchers would choose the same things anyway.  That in itself is a beautiful thing.

So let me present to you, two version of Cirque des Cercles completed at far ends of the globe. The first CdC is by Michelle in New Zealand.  She used Moonee Ponds silk from Dinky-Dyes. Such a lovely range of blues and purples.

And from Tanya in Kharkov, in the Ukraine, this elegant version done in metallic DMC on 18 count black Aida.  The beautiful framing job really makes this one sparkle. I'm not sure about that date in the corner - as I said, I procrastinate - but not THAT much. In any case, I'm so glad she shared it with us.

I offer a full-on Snoopy-style happy dance to Tanya and Michelle for their fabulous finishes.  Great job, ladies, and thanks for sharing these pictures!


  1. These are fantastic finishes! They're beautiful! Congrats ladies! :) And congrats Tracy, on seeing your work reach all ends of the globe. Stitching really does transcend all barriers of space, time, and language.

  2. Awesome, both of them. I can't imagine doing a piece that big in DMC metallics, they drive me nuts!

  3. A stunning design but on 18ct with DMC gold, unbelievable! That lady must have the patience of a saint.