Thursday, March 24, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

We here in the designer world have our schedules completely turned around - for your benefit, of course.  If I started thinking about Christmas when the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers are all packed up, then the season would be lost.

Today I'm doing the finishing work on a new Christmas ornament for Just Cross Stitch magazine. None too early - it's due next week.  After all, they need time to do all of the photography and layout for the mag. Then of course the printing and getting distributed to shops in time for you to get your copy and STILL have enough time to whip out one or two before the holiday.  If you're able to stitch on gifts year round, it helps ease some of that crunch for you too.

On a related note, Jenna shared a picture of the Celtic Ice Christmas ornament that I put out as a kit a few years back.  Didn't it come out cute?  I loved doing a project on that funky windowpane fabric (although I was a bit peeved that the squares were not perfect squares.)

The Celtic Ice kits did sell out, but I have a number of the 2009 ornament kits still available - "Reindeer Games:The Huddle."

Spring has sprung (at least here in the northern hemisphere), the fruit trees and daffodils have started blooming, and it's time for me to get cracking on an Ink Circles kit for Christmas 2011! 

Thanks for sharing your finish, Jenna! So, let's keep Christmas in our hearts all year 'round...unless, of course, we are Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, or any one of the tremendous number of people who don't go in for that Christmas thing.

As I wrote that last paragraph, I realize how lopsidedly the cross stitch industry celebrates holidays. On that note, I am canning thoughts of a "Christmas" ornament this year and will make an official Solstice ornament.


  1. Beautiful work Jenna!

    Stop with all the teasing of new designs Tracy! I can hardly stand it!

  2. Thanks for thinking of those of us who don't "do" Christmas, Tracy! While I enjoy the Christmas season, we celebrate Yule and the Solstice. Now I will be waiting with even more anticipation than usual for the Christmas issue!

  3. Wooo! Fantastic - whatever the design turns out to be, can I preorder one copy now?

  4. I'm with "Kit"... thanks from another Pagan in the crowd. And waves from Kennewick, wa.