Monday, March 7, 2011

Nashville 2011 - pictures

Here are a few photos that my Mum took of the Ink Circles booth in Nashville. For those not familiar with the setup, it's held in a big hotel (Embassy Suites.)  Each suite opens up to this central atrium.  The shops are set up in the front room and you sleep and store things in the bedroom in back.  They let us hang banners over the balcony rails so you can see where everyone is. 


  1. Wowsers! That looks amazing! :) Makes me almost want to get a job at the LNS so I can be a buyer next year to see all that wonderfulness in person. Hehe. But I think I'd rather enjoy my craft than make it work. But it's still such a sight! Love all the models on display like that. Nice! :)

  2. LOVE to see all your stuff together like that (and then I think how many of those I have in the drawer, and I definitely need to get stitching!) That HAS to be a blast!

    I had Fur & Feathers in my hand on Saturday - but I was in my LNS to get a Primitive Needle chart :( - which turned into 3... But I WILL get them! She didn't have Fins...?