Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Notice a Trend?

Tara sent me pictures of her finishes so far this year and asked if I could detect a trend. For the record, she does point out that she did not START all of these in 2011.


She finished Mother Maya:
And Croakworth:

A little Twisted Heart:

A micro-version of the Ink Circles ornament from the 2010 Just Cross Stitch ornament issue:

And a special mandala that was offered exclusively through her old hometown shop Thread & Eye. I gave a chart with color family information and the participants selected their own colors to use. The pattern is available through them via mail order, if you won't be passing through London, ON in the near future. 

So, hats off to Tara and her 5-part Happy Dance.  I'm officially awarding her the title of "Super Fan."  I'm fortunate to be able to stitch with Tara when I make it over to Portland, and I can say she is as pleasant as she is prolific.  Thanks for sharing your photos, Tara, and thanks for being a friend.


  1. Wow - such beautiful stitching Tara - and what a good feeling to finish so many so early on in the year!

  2. Wow, she's been busy. Beautiful finishes.

  3. Nice one Tara!

    BTW, do I still hold the Ink Circles finishes record. I'm up to 18 including three models and am about to start 19 and 20. My name is Rosanne and I have an Ink Circles addiction.......

  4. Wooo! Way to go Tara! Well done on all the finishes!

    I find Inkcircles charts are just so intuitive and easy to stitch up ....

  5. I tip my hat to Tara. What a great feeling to finish 5 projects by March. Well done!!!
    BTW LOL Roseanne, I think a few of us have the same affliction... er addiction. I am still somewhere between the 'collector' stage and the 'stitcher/finisher of IC patterns' stage - maybe next year I will progress through the program.

  6. Wow, Tara - great job on all!!!!
    (gotta get Tanglewood done - those Ink Circles in the drawer are about to gang up on me!)

  7. What beautiful works! Congratulations!