Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Project 99

A sneak peek at my new project, a contest, and a plea for your help. Grab a beer and join me at:


  1. Wonderful idea, Tracy. I will be scouring for my beer or choice. We can send in more then one right?

    Is this going to be a freebie or a pay? Not that I care cause I know I will need to do it,lol. Just curious.

  2. Thanks, Hev. No limit - keep it under 93, though :o)

    This is going to a regular pay chart. I AM working on what I consider to be a super-neat multi-part freebie.

  3. Cute idea. I dont drink beer at all though. I have seen some awsome beer labels at the store though...think the store would mind me walking through with my camera?