Tuesday, April 27, 2010

She's All Heart

When Chelsea needed a double-lung and heart transplant in January, her friends on the Love2Stitch Bulletin Board knew that she was going to have a little down time while she recuperated.  They put together an amazing care package filled with all of their best wishes and some cross stitch goodies.

When Chelsea was ready to stitch again after the operation, she said she selected This Heart of Mine  (THOM) from their package to work on because of the title and because there weren't any color changes.  She picked Gloriana silk in Midnight on some Crossed Wing 28 ct linen, 2 over 2.  Chelsea did an amazing job, especially being shaky and weak (and likely experiencing better living through chemistry.)

It wasn't until she got home that she saw the heart hidden in the motifs.  I can imagine that she had a whole lot on her mind during that time.  We all understand also that sometimes it's nice just to make one x. Then another. Then another.  The bigger picture eventually comes into focus.

Chelsea, I'm not sure if the physical therapists allow happy dances, so we will energetically dance one on your behalf while you continue in your recovery. That is a fantastic and inspiring story - thank you for sharing it with us all.


  1. Chelsea, I hope you have a quick recovery. I'll definately be doing a happy dance for you.

  2. What a lovely idea doing a care package, your stitching looks beautiful and I bet it is even better IRL done in silks, hope you get well soon

  3. Cool idea for a care package, and that finished piece looks wonderful.

  4. I'll do a double happy dance for you, Chelsea. That is beautiful. You did wonderfully on it.

  5. That is beautiful! Nicely done, especially all considered, Chelsea! Good luck and good health to you!