Friday, April 9, 2010

A Quackin' and a BoINKin'

Tara's just gotten this one back from the framers.  Quackworth is a Quaker sampler with a little play on the Ackworth School samplers that we hear so much about.  The Quackworth School is a school for local waterfowl.  There is a companion piece from the Croakworth School available. If you biggefy the picture, you can see the fun color of floss she used - it was a limited edition silk Pumpkins and Black Cats.  The mat colors really make this piece lovely.  I understand her folks in Ontario are the lucky recipients.

Tara's other finish is the Book of Ink Circles (BoINK).  I'll be lucky enough to see Tara and the finished BoINK in person in a week (gosh, only one week away now!!!) and I can't wait.  BoINK was a free multi-part mystery that we did a while back. The chart is still posted on my site, if you are interested in stitching the piece.  Tara said she may even frame this one for herself, rather than put it in the trunk with the other finishes she has kept. 

So, for how many else of you does this hold true: The pieces that you give away get framed and your own keepers sit unframed?  I'm guilty of that too, and how I interpret it is thus.  Stitching makes us happy.  Sometimes the focus is about having that finished item to give as a gift, but often it is just the process of making something that we really enjoy. 

Thanks for sharing these, Tara!  May you all enjoy your stitching.  BTW -You might be happy to hear I am working on a new free mystery project.  The Portland GTG crew may even get a sneak peek. 


  1. Yes I'm just the same - mostly I just frame the pieces I give away. However for me it is the stitching process that I really enjoy. Can't wait to hear more about the new mystery project, better get moving on the 5 Ink Circles I currently have on the go!!

  2. I got my BoINK professionally framed as a birthday present last year, from my husband. I loved that piece, and really wanted to be able to put it up on a wall.

    Other finishes are either in a drawer or given away. One is waiting for me to do a companion piece, then get both framed to match.

  3. LOL...the title of this post really cracked me up!!!