Thursday, November 19, 2009

Circling the Globe

Susan in Melbourne, Australia, reports happily that her Cirque des Cercles is done!  It was a Happy Dance heard round the world.  She used a variegated DMC on 22 count hardanger fabric. 

Did you know that stitchers in the southern hemisphere are required to stitch their Cirque des Cercles rounds in an anti-clockwise direction, whereas we in the northern hemisphere taken them on clockwise?  Unless of course, you are a south-paw!  The rules are completely reversed for left-handed stitchers.  Yup, those are the rules.  Seriously, some stitchers think there is a secret list of rules for stitching that include things like only stitching a piece in the colors shown, only stitching the entire piece, no personalization allowed - the list goes on.  Spoiler: there is no list; there are no rules.*

This would be a very boring blog and a very boring world without people like Susan to inject a little local color.

* Not to be confused with rules regarding copyright material. There are rules against copying others works and claiming it as your own, photocopying/scanning charts without permission of the author, etc.


  1. Haha! My CDC is hung "upside down" in honor of our down under friends! I wanted them to be able to enjoy it too! I actually didnt even think of telling the framer if there was a top or bottom and someone mentioned to me it was upside down when she saw the picture of mine framed, I hadnt noticed. LOL

    Susan your CDC is beautiful. I love the blues. It makes me want to stitch it all over again.

  2. Gorgeous! Great job. I love seeing all the various personalizations. Thanks for sharing.