Thursday, November 5, 2009

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

I cite that old stereotypical line with a bit of caution, because a lot of Ink Circles stitchers are guys. There's something about the bold graphic appeal that really doesn't limit their popularity to just the girls.

But, in this case, the diamonds belong to Peg.  This is her version of Cirque des Carreaux. That's French for "Circus of the Diamonds" and it's the third in the series that started out with Cercles, which looked a bit lit a big three-ring circus.

Peg's Carreaux is stitched in variegated Mermaid Blue, which was a custom color of Vikki Clayton's Hand-Dyed Silk.   She stitched it on 40 count white Ricamo linen - all the better to show off that amazing blue silk.  I salute you, Peg, on this fabulous finish!

A bit more background on the silks:  There is a fun and slightly rabid group of silk lovers that play on Vikki's forum, feeding her their wants and wishes and enabling each other.  If enough people gang up, I think Vikki could be talked into dying about any you could dream.  You should (and can) see the lovely colors and combinations over at her site.  Highly recommended.


  1. Beautiful Peg! I love the mermaid blue.

  2. "slightly rabid"? Congrats to Peg, gorgeous finish, and no she isn't rabid in the least!! (oh, ok, maybe all of us HDFers are a little nuts... but rabid???)

  3. Dear Affenage and anyone else who might have read that the wrong way- I was certainly not trying to imply anything but the highest level of "fandom" by using the word rabid. I am a big fan of Vikki and her HDF. I don't think any of us actually need to get tetanus shots, but our webcams could certainly catch us drooling and frothing a bit.

  4. I only froth over my HDF when they first arrive...and when I am putting them away...and when I take them out to drool over again...