Thursday, November 5, 2009

Needle Show Retail

Something interesting is happing on a website just around the corner.  The folks who produce the Online Needle Show, a twice-a-year wholesale show, are trying out a retail show.  Many, many vendors have each set up booths with up to 20 products.  Some booths are run by designers and vendors who will sell product directly to you, some are by designers or vendors  just as advertisement for their product (Ink Circles is in that group), and others are set up by shops.  Check it out HERE before Nov 8th, when it's over.

Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a real brick and mortar store nearby. If so, support them every chance you get!  Maybe you've found an online store that carries the things you like and gives you the service you deserve. By all means support them too.  If you don't have a LNS or ONS to call your own, use this show as an opportunity to "peek" inside the hundred plus shops there ( I count about 160 booths!). Every shop has it's own personality and it's own style of merchandise.  Twenty products won't be enough to see everything, but it should be enough to see if the shop is a good match for you.  Each shop has an email address (and probably a phone) where you can ask about availablity of those other things you might need.  You may just find your perfect match!

If you need to see which shops carry Ink Circles charts - just ask them, or check out my retailers page on the main site.  Charts are available on my website for purchase, as well.

Visit the Ink Circles booth at the show to learn how you can win a swell door prize!

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