Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mel Flashes Her Bloomers in Public!

The first two questions out of Mel's mouth when I show her a new design, are
  1. What Carrie's Threads would you use?
  2. What would it look like stitched on black?

Some designs end up looking quite awesome on black fabric.  This is her Bloomers in Carrie's Thread, on black - almost unrecognizable from the original pastels on brown that I had chosen.  Carrie's Threads includes a number of options that are really vibrant and make this piece "pop" on the black.  The colors that Mel used are not exactly the same placement as the list on the web I suggest because I was ditzy and forgot to write down what I sent her and floss-tossed it a second time.  Consider this Exhibit A to means there are MANY possibilties in any piece and you can relax and pick what colors YOU like. It'll be smashing! Be sure to send me a picture.

Now, that free chart that was posted a few days ago...after considerable playing around with colors, I decided it really didn't look great on black in the five color version.  As a monochrome, it looked neat in any of many colors.  Not wanting to squelch anyone's attempts, I would love to be proven wrong and be shown a super conversion on black.  Meanwhile, I'll just post the answer to Mel's first question.  The Carrie's threads I like for this are: Soot, Peach, Pina Colada, Dried Sage, and Garnet.  I like the slightly dusky palette on this piece and picked muted shades.  It could easily be pepped up to Raven (Black) and a full-on Rainbow for the highlights.  It could also be done as a monochrome using a variegated thread.  You decide.


  1. Mel's Bloomers looks super. I always knew that girl had great taste in undies LOL.

  2. Mel's Bloomers looks great!

    One of my favorite things about your designs are how easily everyone can individualize them with their own colors. I havent decided on colors for the new one yet. I still have 2 as WiPs (Tanglewood and CdCX) and 3 in the wings (Bramble and the Rose, Growth Rings, and CdT). We wont even mention all the others on the wish list.

    I cant wait to see some of the combos others come up with.

  3. Have finally unearthed my Black Bloomers conversion list in the unpacking. The only difference was that I used Raspberry instead of Boysenberry.