Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Enabling by Example

So, we have all seen the lovely hand-dyed silks by Vikki Clayton, right? It's been a bit of a recurring theme in this blog.  One of the hardest things for a stitcher, can be to visualize what a variegated thread will look like when it's all stitched up.  When Vikki decided that an old firehouse in Pennsylvania was going to be a new retail location for her silk business, it was only natural that she needed some examples for the walls. 

Carol in Edmonton, AB, stepped in to help her out.  This is Ink Circles's Growth Rings (available in the March/April 2009 Just Cross Stitch magazine.)  Carol used HDF Indigo Ocean and Ricordia on 28 ct Monaco.

Not that these silks don't sell well on their own, but this sure makes a nice hook.

Carol also made up the Croakworth and Quackworth pieces and finished them as quilted hangings.

These are both fun little pieces that can be done as monochromes or polychromes.  They'd be a great way to try a new color or use some of those left over bits of silk, or Detritus Bags (for those like me who collect those HDF carrots.)

So, if you're in the neighborhood gathering silk skeins, you can see Carol's pieces in person!


  1. Oh Tracy, those do look so good. You know me, I do adore Carrie's Threads but when I'm after a certain colour or shade, it's always Vikki that I turn to. I knew her online before she started hand dyeing and she is the sweetest person.
    These will look fatabulous on her walls.

  2. Waitwaitwait - are you saying there's going to be a brick & mortar shop for her silks? Because now I'm thinking road trip.

  3. Grey, I didn't mentally file away the particulars (onboard ram issues) but I'm sure that if you dropped Vikki a line, she'll fill you in. Sounded like it was going to be part shop, part classroom, lodging(someday?), (i.e., your basic silk mecca.)

  4. I could have sworn I posted on this yesterday. :(

    Beautiful work Carol! I love the quilted finishing.