Monday, November 2, 2009

Speaking of Colorful...

EeKoon sent me a picture of her beautiful and vibrant version of Nine Lives.  Where I used some boring grays, she chose to really liven things up with this bold Oriental color scheme- which is not hard if you have a bag of HDF silk to inspire you.  She used black, a mystery gray, Sea Wrasse (green), Dragon's Blood, and Terra Potta in the centers.

The centers are actually the Chinese character "shou" for long life.  She tells me this is one half of her anniversary piece, so we all wish her a long and happy life and marriage.  And, we eagerly await the other side of this tapesty, which, I am told, is Perigrination done up in an equally stunning alternate colorway.  An unexpected pairing, you might say, but the symbolism is strong and represents their marriage of East to West. Perfect.

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