Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Four in the Hand

Mel shows us that "Four in the Bush" is now actually in the hand.  She stitched this chart I posted as a Halloween freebie using the Carrie's colors I recommended in silks. Beautiful!

And if you ask me exactly of what there are four, I will reply, "Owl-bats."

Friday, December 18, 2009

For those who have yet to BoInk

..Don't worry that the mystery is over.  Many folks are just starting.  Some did finish within hours of the final mystery piece being posted, but people everywhere are working things through at their own pace and some haven't even heard of it yet.

Liz shares her finished Book of Ink Circles, a free mystery project I offered last year which became affectionately known as BoInk.  Like many stitchers, she's changed things around a bit to really make it her own piece.  This was a great solution for those who didn't really care for the four cats in the corners, despite their authentic Celtic heritage :o)  Once the jokes made the rounds about the cats "barfing" out the ribbons, I think they lost a few fans.  (But gained a few nicknames: Barfy, Spewey, Ralph, and Chuck)

In addition to the corner knots, Liz chose a unique palette of aquas, browns, and overdyed threads on her own handpainted 18 ct. eggshell canvas.  And it's done in needlepoint - you can see that better if you click to biggify.  (Did you know that nearly all of the Ink Circles designs convert well to needlepoint?  I'm just not big into the specialty and fractional stitches.)

Beautiful job, Liz! Thanks for sharing.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Designs Coming Full Circles

You'll recognize the two recent cross stitch designs at the heart of this project pair.  Both started out as a doodle, got charted out and stitched, and have now come to life in a new medium over the last week.  I used two different carving mediums.  I liked the pink "speedy stamp" better than the white "mastercarve," but I think I prefer real linoleum to the cuts-like-butter stuff.  A fairly successful project & the photos don't need much for explanation.

Friday, December 4, 2009

An Inkling of an Inkling

I've decided to give a special name to some smaller pieces that I'll be putting out.  They're going to be called "Inklings."  Twisted Heart would have been one, if I had thought of the name back then.  I love doing bigger projects, but it's so nice to have some littler ones to shake things up.  The first official one will be Fleur d'Orleans, and this is your sneak peek.

I'm debating between an oval frame and a flat fold. Thoughts?  I definitely need to find some Mardi Gras beads for the leaflet photo.  I should have the chart ready for release after Christmas, which should leave plenty of time for stitching it up before the King Cake goes in the oven.

Thanks go to Nick Pericone for suggesting I do a fleur de lys design.