Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A True Romantic

Jessica has finished up her Alchemical Romance sampler and it could have come out more lovely.  She used Vikki Clayton's silks on Picture This Plus "Ancient."  She said she took her color inspiration from these antique books.

The swap-out she made in the middle is wonderful. In the center of all the symbols meaning gold, she's added the symbol for lead in an appropriate lead-y color.  All I can say it that I wish I had thought of it :o).

Jessica has a very nice blog, if you'd like to see more of her stitching and the wonderful photographs she takes. I'm so happy she shared her finish with us. I hope it turns your morning golden as well.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Five Copies for My Mother

So who else loves the old Dr. Hook songs?

To circle things back to relevancy... if you spotted the current issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine (July/August 2011) it looks something like this:

Bottom - left. Ink Circles. Get your copy now.  'Nuff said.

Well, it's not the Rolling Stone, but it still makes my mamma happy.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Love These Letters

This is Mel's version of "Love Letters - Celtic."  I'm still sort of surprised it wasn't stitched on black, as is her usual MO, but she's picked a fun alternative set of colors.  She also stitched it in an alternate format to allow it to fit on her non-black piece of linen (which was long and skinny.)  Thanks for sharing your finish, Mel!  You did a fantastic job - I love it.