Saturday, December 4, 2010

Join Me on a Free Cruise

Close your eyes and let's take a trip together.  We'll be travelling by tall ship, and the weather should be quite tropical, so pack lightly. Bring your stitching, your knitting, and few good books. Our destination?

I had never guessed such a place existed, but my friend Alison Whittington has sent me a map, so therefore it must.  She ought to know, after all, she is the Chief Mapmaker for the Interimaginational Institute for Fantastical Exploration & Cartography.

I stumbled across Alison's site when I was doing some research on antique maps for a little cross stitch project (I'll have more on that someday to share.) She draws and paints the most lovely imaginative maps, and I must say this one is more charming in person than I could even have imagined. Alison and I became friends when we recognized that the ink levels in our blood was enough to make you legally drunk in some states.  Weapon of choice? Dip pens and India Ink.

With a new baby and I'm certain a large number of Christmas and custom orders, I don't know how she found the time and energy for this gift, but it makes me feel like a Queen in my very own country.  Thank you and big hugs, Alison!

BTW, she has some wonderful prints and originals of all sorts of creative maps in her Etsy shop. I can vouch that they make very happy gifts.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Minnie shared a picture with me of a pillow she made for her older sister. Sometimes a stitched tribute doesn't make it into the hands of the one we care about, but Minnie and I are happy to report that said sister kicked cancer's butt.  Eva has this beautiful pillow to remind her that she is indeed a survivor and also that she has a loving sister.

Minnie did a great job of setting her stitching into a pieced pillow top, making it big enough to be pillow sized. The setting reminds me of a jewel.  Eva probably already said something like this to her, but I think Minnie is a treasure. Thanks for sharing your story!

The Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Mandala is a free chart that can be downloaded from my site. It's also fun and useful to note that the ribbon colors are easily interchangeable to represent different awareness causes.  If you scroll back through the blog, you can see some lovely examples.