Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Getting to the Point

And there are a LOT of points on this one.  This is Cirque des Triangles, stitched by Nadia in Vikki Clayton's Hand-Dyed Fibers - 1 strand of silk over 1 thread of her 27 count black fabric. That silk color just shines out on that black, doesn't it!  What a beautiful job, particularly considering the scale and the dark background. It matches her Cirque des Cercles that we got to see earlier.  Cirque des Carreaux is in the queue, naturally.  Thanks for showing us your picture, Nadia!  Your wall must have an amazing wall of finishes.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Moon Juice

A few thoughts I've collected and wanted to share regarding the new moon charts.

Here is a version of the ornament in the Sept/Oct 2010 JCS issue. This was stitched by Ashley, who had this luscious purpley hand-dyed fabric in her stash. It's Purple Twilight by Youthful Hands.

It would obviously work well for any "sky" colored fabric that wasn't too dark.

Ashley used GAST Pebble for the moon color, and it really brought out some nice depth.  That's going to make a lovely ornament - thanks for sharing the pic, Ashley!

My buddy Mel, who likes to stitch all my charts on black, was not phased by the inability to stitch this one on black.  She bounced right in with the suggestion of a Glow in the Dark moon.  Awesome idea!

Now, if you haven't seen Masquerade yet, it is a new chart that has the same cat/moon thing going on with a new twist. Unfortunately, the pictures on the web are so small and the effect is so subtle, it's hard to tell.  So  here is another shot that gives a close up of the skim milk and the cream swirling together in the moon.  I normally hate pictures so big you can count the stitches, but on some of these things it's either that or try to make you fall in love with a thumbnail.

Charts for this one will be available this weekend to those lucky shops attending market in St. Charles.  The real full moon is Thursday and that is the day I start my trip there.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Waya To Go!

My kids always complain, "That's not fair!"  They are quite familiar with my standard reply, which was a gem frequently used by my old XO. He'd say, "You're right. A fair is a place you judge pigs."

BTW, a fair is also a place that they judge cross stitch.  And it just so happens that Waya kicked some serious butt at the Tennessee Valley Fair this year. She entered three Ink Circles pieces and took home three ribbons - two of them First Place.

She stitched them all with the charted colors 1-over-2 on 40-count linen. "Growth Rings" won first place for Counted Cross Stitch on Linen. "Tanglewood" won first prize in Counted Cross Stitch, Novelty or Fantasy.  "I Still Do" won third place in Counted Cross Stitch, Primarily Flowers. 

All I can say is your work is beautiful, Waya.  Way to go!