Saturday, April 26, 2014

What Comes Around

Next week I'm heading up to New Hampshire for Celebrations of Needlework, so I'm introducing this second mandala in our Merry Go Round series a few days early. These are all named after lines of latitude, so following Tropic of Capricorn (because it had to be Capricorn One,) I now introduce the 49th Parallel RYO Mandala.  This one features maple leaves and maple wings to honor our friendly Canadian neighbors who live northwards of that 49th parallel.

49th Parallel Mandala
These charts represent a concept I've developed called "Roll Your Own" coloring.  They are very flexible in that the colors can be reassigned easily using my secret formulas so that they match whatever mood or decor you would like. Depending on which colors you end up selecting, the maple leaves are more or less prominent.
The maple leaves are quite subtle in the "revenge" colorway.

Here it is again in the Starfleet colors
When stitchers buy into the series, they get the charts for all seven mandalas - this is number 2. They come out monthly. We have a library of color combinations that have already been established (over 100!) and as a group we are making more each week. The beauty of the system is that ALL of the color combos will work for ALL of the mandalas, including the series of square mandalas that I did last year.

This colorway was called "Owl Optimizer"
You can still join. In fact, you can still get the charts for the square series. Cost is $35 per series, with a $10 discount if you do both rounds and squares.

Get more details, see the square series and the first of the rounds, and sign up in my previous blog post.