Sunday, July 24, 2016

Fall Lineup

Things are always quiet in the new release arena after returning from Nashville in the spring. It's a time to take a breather and prepare for the coming months. I'm happy to share a number of new releases now as we go into the next "show season."

Norden is one of the major US distributors for cross stitch charts and supplies. They are hosting a fall show opens August 8th where shops will be able to order new charts and limited edition kits exclusively through them.

Ink Circles is releasing two new charts for the Norden Fall Show. If you'd like to get copies, ask your favorite shop to tune in to the Norden Show.
Dreidel, Dreidel cross stitch chart by Ink Circles
Dreidel, Dreidel

Arranging Vegetables cross stitch chart by Ink Circles
Arranging Vegetables
Here are two more that I released earlier this month. They should be available through just about every shop, as they've been sent to all of the major distributors.

Reflections of New York City cross stitch chart by Ink Circles
Reflections of New York City

Reflections of Scotland cross stitch chart by Ink Circles
Reflections of Scotland
And stay tuned, because I'll have yet TWO more charts coming for the Fall Harvest Market Hop in September.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Picking Colors

I showed photos of two new releases this week, and it's gotten me thinking about picking colors. Monochromes vs. fully dictated palettes.

Tapestry - in 13 colors of Gentle Arts Threads.
I absolutely love how this came out, and judging from your comments on Facebook you do, too. However, this is probably the only coloration most of us are going to see for this design. There might be a few of us who swap around colors for something else, but most people who stitch it are likely to pick up the Gentle Arts thread pack or grab the DMC or other substitutes. The gold will likely stay gold. The two blues will likely stay two blues. (See below for the color list.)

Flower Power - a monochrome
Flower Power, on the other hand, is presented to you in a monochrome. When you start stitching, we are going to see this on a wide range of hand-dyed fabrics. You are going to choose all sorts of different threads. Many of you will use multiple different threads - making different colored flowers, or even multicolored flowers. And because I didn't specifically tell you what color to put in what spot, you will be creative and you will make awesome things from this. And they will be unique; and they will be special.

When I tell you all the colors, I take this creativity away from you, or at least make it more unlikely that you reach for it. Will it blow your mind if I tell you that all of these mandalas started out as monochromes, and that you can add as much color as you like? I don't add color until the end. Make a photocopy of your chart and break out some colored pencils. Add as much color as you like. Or, pick one nice color and go to town, enjoying the shapes as the stitched take form. There is no right answer - just do what you like to do.

Tapestry before I added the colors
BTW - don't you love Moire patterns (the weird lines artifact)
You can choose from many ways. Unfortunately, I usually only get to show you one way on the cover. That is why we all get so excited when photos of different versions are shared on the social media. Let me know what you come up with. 

To make Tapestry with the colors I've shown, you will need these Gentle Arts Thread (5 yard skeins). A few were so close to the 1 skein mark, I've rounded up. The fabric used was Weeks Dye Works Parchment linen in 30 count. Size is 199 x 199.
Pine (2)
Mulberry (1)
Grecian Gold (2)
Cinnamon (2)
Soot (1)
Wood Smoke (1)
Dark Chocolate (1)
Barn Grey (2)
Brethren Blue (2)
Briar Rose (2)
Apple Cider (1)
Garden Gate (2)
Piney Woods (3)