Ink Spots Roll Call

This page is like one of those maps they try to sell you when you visit Hollywood.  The maps don't take you up to the movie stars' doorsteps, but they'll let you know where they live.  Some of these are are posted publicly. Some are doing the JD Salinger thing.  (Do you think he is really dead, or just gone super-reclusive?)

I'll be sure to let you know if I post or re-post these.  If you have them, enjoy them but do NOT post them on the net. I've said it's okay to make a photocopy for a friend, too.  Shops can make copies for their customers, and that was the intent of the Nashville & St. Charles ones. Let me know if you make something cool using one - I'd love to post the photo up.

Map to the Ink Spots' Homes

#1 Test Blip for Growth Rings - Published in the now defunct Yahoo group

#2 Mountain Dulcimer Mandala - Published on my dulcimer society's homepage

#3 Lobster Bouquet - Originally came out for a Nordic Needle retreat in 2009, now on my site.

#4 - had a limited run on about 200 printed directly on my shipping labels

#5 The Original Red Hat Society - old newsletter promo

#6 Spotted Owls - past order enclosure

#7 Four in the Bush - Announced on this blog with links back to my site.

#8 Nashville 2009 - distributed, as you can guess, at Nashville in 2009.
#8 In Clover - past order enclosure.  Apparently I like the number 8 so much I used it twice!

#9 Love is Blind - Valentine's 2010 - Announced on this blog with links back to my site.

#10 Pinwheel Flowers - past order enclosure

#11 Celtic Swirls - newsletter sign-up.  If you haven't signed up, please do!

#12 St. Charles 2010 - distributed, as you can guess, as the St. Charles TNNA show in 2010

#13 Nashville 2011 - sensing a pattern?

#14 Spin Cycle - previous order enclosure

#15 Retreat Treat - found in retreat goodie bags across the country

#16 Flakey - Came out for TNNA's Seasons in Stitching. Current order enclosure.

#17 Fountain Pen Day - Celebrating the first Friday in November. On my blog here.
#17 (oops - I forgot to increment)  Pressed Flowers - a bookmark featuring this small chart.

#18 Perfectly Ordinary British Police Box - thank you gift for helping hit 3000 facebook followers. On my blog here.