Monday, February 10, 2014

Nashville Ahead

I've been remiss at timely blogging, but that doesn't mean things have been quiet at Ink Circles. In fact, the last few weeks have been a flurry of activity as I get ready to make the grand trek to the Nashville Needlework Market. I fly out this Thursday and I'll be bringing out four new models for the show.  Below are previews of two of them. You'll also get the fourth in the Bad Neighborhood series and another called Lunation.
Peace Wheel
Peace Wheel was inspired by Kolam or Rangoli paintings, which are a most unusual and transient form of art found in India and many other Asian countries. They are drawn by hand using powdered rice or rock directly onto the ground. The artist frequently starts with a matrix of dots, then creates a path of twisty turny lines that weave around and between the dots. When the wind, rain, and walkers take their toll, the design is swept away and replaced by a new one, usually before sunrise every day.

Kolams are drawn as a blessing and a welcome to all visitors. They are thought to bring prosperity to the household and keep evil spirits away. Mathematicians and anthropologists alike have been fascinated by and study the diverse designs. Me too.

Blue Morpho
The blue morpho is a species of butterfly that lives in the rainforest and can reach an impressive 8" across. The butterflies in this stitched piece are not particularly accurate to the coloring or shape of the real thing, nor (unless you use really giant fabric) will they match the wingspan. But you should already know that I'm not into photorealism in my designs.

Since I've finally got the blogspot engine warmed up, here is a recap of two designs that I released in January.  These two should already be available from your LNS/ONS, but I'll of course have them at the show as well.

Four de Lys
Four de Lys is what happens when you say "four fleur de lys" too fast. I got to try out some beautiful new silk for this one by Treenway.

Turrets and Town
Turrets and Town was inspired by a mandala I drew. A lot of my designs begin as little doodles or inklings. Sometimes all it takes is a good pun. You never know.

Enough words, since most of you probably only wanted the pictures anyway. So, watch for these new ones to show up at your favorite shop. Feel free to let them know you're interested ahead of time so they'll bring home enough copies. Stay warm. Stitch happy.