Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More horses to bet on

Hi Everybody!  Have you all met my Mum? (Cindy waves back to you all.) She has been busy designing fabulous Scandinavian-style sweaters, hats and mittens.  You can visit her site Norsk Needlework and see them all (and order pdfs for the knitting patterns), but I wanted to share her newest project with my stitching friends.

Her sweater (modeled by the lovely Patti): Wild Blue Horses

And the part you might like even better:
This is "Fjord Ponies" and she's allowed me to release it and sell it as part of the Ink Circles line.  It's cross stitch and back-stitching in seven shades of Vikki Clayton's HDF.  I'll be bringing both her and the model with me to the TNNA wholesale show in St. Charles next month for the official release party.

By the way, this will make three generations of Ink Circles designers. :o)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bonnie's Trifecta

Bonnie was gathering up her recent finishes to take to an open house at her LNS, when she realized that all three pieces were Ink Circles charts.   Blackstone Fantasy Garden, Kaleidoscope, and Growth Rings (which just happens to be available for purchase as a stand-alone chart now - it was previously only available in the magazine issue.)  What an awesome collection of finishes, Bonnie!

 So my final question: Was this Win/Place/Show ticket a coincidence or proof positive of the efficacy of the subliminal messages that are imprinted on every chart?