Tuesday, April 27, 2010

She's All Heart

When Chelsea needed a double-lung and heart transplant in January, her friends on the Love2Stitch Bulletin Board knew that she was going to have a little down time while she recuperated.  They put together an amazing care package filled with all of their best wishes and some cross stitch goodies.

When Chelsea was ready to stitch again after the operation, she said she selected This Heart of Mine  (THOM) from their package to work on because of the title and because there weren't any color changes.  She picked Gloriana silk in Midnight on some Crossed Wing 28 ct linen, 2 over 2.  Chelsea did an amazing job, especially being shaky and weak (and likely experiencing better living through chemistry.)

It wasn't until she got home that she saw the heart hidden in the motifs.  I can imagine that she had a whole lot on her mind during that time.  We all understand also that sometimes it's nice just to make one x. Then another. Then another.  The bigger picture eventually comes into focus.

Chelsea, I'm not sure if the physical therapists allow happy dances, so we will energetically dance one on your behalf while you continue in your recovery. That is a fantastic and inspiring story - thank you for sharing it with us all.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Online Show Wrap-Up

And thus concludes another edition of the Online Needlework Show. Ink Circles had four new designs hit the streets. Turkish Delight came out just beautifully - I've posted a giant picture on my main website so you can see how amazing the Belle Soie thread colors worked.  I was humming Blue Rondo a la Turk the whole time I was designing this.

This is what it looks like should you decide to stitch it and hang it in portrait mode.  You are allowed to do that, you know.

My Daughter's project, The Pretty Little Dust Collector seems to have been well received.  We're donating 50% of the profits to our local no-kill animal adoption organization Pet Over-Population Prevention.  She is excited to be able to take a check with her during her next volunteering day.

The new stuff will be showing up in shops this week, then at the distributors shortly.   I won't be adding them up on my site for direct orders until mid-May in attempts to encourage you to shop at your LNS.

Door Prizes - Yeah!
The following lucky ducks got the big prizes: Marlene Ackerman, Tara Fidler, Rachel Morton, Judy Royan, Cari Smith, Bonnie Coleman, Cheryl Ann Peterson, and Faith Nichols.  Everybody else who entered should have received by email a new complementary Ink Spot design.  If you didn't get yours, check your spam box or drop me a note.

Just for the record, our favorite color is overwhelmingly BLUE, followed by Purple, then green. We are fascinated by newborns of any species and the intricacies of flowers and birds.  And there are a lot of Monty Python fans out there. If you didn't get that last comment, you didn't get it earlier either - don't worry.

Friday, April 16, 2010

When the Saints came marching in

Ashley in Baton Rouge is a big Saints fan and knew on first glimpse of Fleur d'Orleans that she had to make a black and gold version to celebrate her team.  She's been stitching a long time and commented that it is a perfect relaxing but creative way to end a tiring day.  So, with her GAST Classy Copper and Wrought Iron thread and a piece of Weeks 30 count Cappuccino linen, she set out to work.

And just as the Saints went on for a fabulous win at the Superbowl, Ashley has her own fabulous win in this framed piece.  And we all know, folks from Louisiana know how to Happy Dance!  Nice job, Ashley, and thanks for sharing your finish.

Friday, April 9, 2010

A Quackin' and a BoINKin'

Tara's just gotten this one back from the framers.  Quackworth is a Quaker sampler with a little play on the Ackworth School samplers that we hear so much about.  The Quackworth School is a school for local waterfowl.  There is a companion piece from the Croakworth School available. If you biggefy the picture, you can see the fun color of floss she used - it was a limited edition silk Pumpkins and Black Cats.  The mat colors really make this piece lovely.  I understand her folks in Ontario are the lucky recipients.

Tara's other finish is the Book of Ink Circles (BoINK).  I'll be lucky enough to see Tara and the finished BoINK in person in a week (gosh, only one week away now!!!) and I can't wait.  BoINK was a free multi-part mystery that we did a while back. The chart is still posted on my site, if you are interested in stitching the piece.  Tara said she may even frame this one for herself, rather than put it in the trunk with the other finishes she has kept. 

So, for how many else of you does this hold true: The pieces that you give away get framed and your own keepers sit unframed?  I'm guilty of that too, and how I interpret it is thus.  Stitching makes us happy.  Sometimes the focus is about having that finished item to give as a gift, but often it is just the process of making something that we really enjoy. 

Thanks for sharing these, Tara!  May you all enjoy your stitching.  BTW -You might be happy to hear I am working on a new free mystery project.  The Portland GTG crew may even get a sneak peek. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Project 99

A sneak peek at my new project, a contest, and a plea for your help. Grab a beer and join me at: http://www.inkcircles.com/html/Project99.html.

Starfish don't die when you cut them in half

And in a nearby ocean, Chris was inspired to do a little rearranging to put some of her favorite Sea Stars motifs onto this nice piece of lugana.  The whole sampler wouldn't fit as charted onto her fabric, but Chris was able to use bits and pieces to create this custom runner.

I love this type of innovation and I really think the majority of Ink Circles patterns are very suitable to be adjusted in just such ways.  If you've ever seen my cupboard where I store my supplies, you would see countless little snips of linen (such as the trimmed sidebars from larger finished pieces) and every partial skein of floss all waiting for the perfect innovation.  So pick your favorite color thread, a motif or two, and follow in Chris's footsteps to make something cool and unique.