Monday, June 2, 2014

Equatorial Orchids

It's spring and everything is fresh and new. Too new - I've got too many fresh ideas that I'm having a tough time juggling them all. The Roll Your Own series, is one with published deadlines so it rises to the top of the to do pile. Even so, I introduce the June installment a day late.
Equatorial Orchids - #3 of 7 in the 2014 RYO series
For some blindingly brilliant reason, I decided these should all be named after lines of latitude. Something punny about "great circles," I imagine. So this month, I picked the equator and tried to convey some lushness of the tropical flora. Shown above it a new color scheme called Orchids, but as you'll see below, it looks great in other combos too. The more color combos we make, the harder it gets to pick one.

Equatorial Orchids in the following RYO colorways:
Garand, Candyfloss, Owl Optimizer
Solas, Darkside Duck, Lemony Hues
Revenge, Bridal, Buried Treasure 2

RYO charts are now available only in printed form from your favorite shop or directly from my webshop.

Although I didn't break it out in each separate preview above, the corner chips and the center bit can be used to make additional options as in past rounds.
Extra things you can do with the center and corner chips.
Have fun. Stitch faster.


  1. Oh!! How will I choose??? I have two outlines finished to take w/me on vacation, but now I want to start this one. Also, will send you a picture of Peppertree I finished. And working on Turtles(each child we are vacationing with will get to pick a color for a turtle). This should be an interesting finish. I have so many to do, but I'm a happy camper!

  2. On the small pattern on the bottom right of the "extra things" above, is there a reason that the top-left corner is not the same as the other three corners? My wife (Melanie) is stitching it now and just noticed that it might be missing ...the pattern she is using shows the same absent corner! Was this intentional?

    1. Oh, my. I seem to have left off one little corner bit. It's definitely supposed to b like the other three corners. She has a good eye, and I appreciate your letting me know. I'll go in and fix that up so the next batch printed will be correct. Fortunately, it's the kind of thing she should be able to stitch correctly by looking at the other corners. Sorry I let that slip by. - Tracy