Tuesday, August 19, 2014

St. Charles Recap

Jiggity Jig. I'm back from market. Whee Whee Whee! So, you ask, how was the trip? What did you buy? What did you sell? What freakishly large stinging insects did you encounter?
An extended flight delay was brightened by a
troop of Elvii on their way to Las Vegas.

New stuff from Ink Circles:
Bee's Knees
Another Bad Neighborhood:
Miracle Grow
#5 in the series
As always, you might have to look closely to get it.
Rejoice in the variety that abounds -
Diversity in Beer
The Big Red Ship of Life is sailing into a port near you.
My attempt to tastefully use WDW Blaze Orange.
Only available through shops that attended this
market for the next 30 days.
2014 RYO Mandala Series
made the move from PDF to print only
Can't help but bring a few things home.
New colors from WDE, Gentle Art and WDW
SamSarah's Steampunk Sea Serpent
Heartstrings' His Eye is on the Sparrow + threads
And a few things for Mum from Gigi R. and Queenstown Samplers
And I leave you with the thought that these things are merrily buzzing about in downtown St. Charles. I like last year's katydid better.
And I don't think he grew up in Bad Neighborhood #5.
Happy stitching, and may your needle be the worst thing that gives you an accidental little poke.


  1. What red did you use on your ship? Fabric? Love the piece so much. Thanks for all that hard work and bringing it to us.

  2. Beautiful new designs--those flying bugs would scare the heck out of me

  3. Well, you did call your new piece "bee's knees". Perhaps he would rather another colour choice ......